Quality Policy

We always provide reliable services and products by keeping the maintenance and flight safety our first priority and by implementing risk management practices. We ensure that all personnel work in accordance with human factor principles and encourage for voluntary reporting of safety related issues.

We offer product and service in accordance with customer expectations to ensure customer satisfication at the highest level and encourge the transmission of customer feedback. In case of customer complaint, we offer solutions to take all necessary measures fastly in accordance with the principles of trust, openness, importiality, confidentiality, accessibility, completeness, equitability and sensitivity for resolving this complaint objectively and encourge our employees who add value in process.

We provide support of all our personnel for compliance to standarts and regulations with a good professional and technical application. We ensure adoption of quality management systems with awareness of environment and occupational health and safety by giving priority to quality of service and try to reach our purposes and objectives within the determined strategic direction and effective management principle by improving communication, harmony and co-operation between our personnel and with the awareness of authorities and responsibilities.

In order to become a developing organization by adopting continuous improvement approach as a principle, we consistently review the system and create opportunities for improvement by keeping corporate loyalty and team spirit at the highest level with planning, information and technology based approaches.

In order to provide cooperation with the stakeholders, we ensure that all our personnel work in line with our all stakeholders including national and international aviation authorities and customers' quality auditors and suppliers.