Customer Satisfaction Policy

As Turkish Airlines Technic Inc. we lend ear to our customers without any economic expectation by providing communication opportunities through which our customers can deliver their expectations, complaints, suggestions and satisfaction in aircraft and aircraft components/parts maintenance, replacement and modification activities and engineering services that we provide with a customer-oriented approach.

We implement compensation methods to ensure customer satisfaction as well as evaluate feedbacks of our customers and produce solutions by considering national and international legal requirements, legislative requirements, civil aviation rules and documented information of the Company. We implement this policy by defining the complaints handling process.

We assess and manage the processes for understanding, identifying, analyzing, directing, providing solutions and notifying results to customers in the most accurate manner about customer complaints related to our operations with a customer-oriented approach in accordance with the principles of transparency, accessibility, responsiveness, objectivity, confidentiality and accountability, as well as we utilize such and information to ensure our continuous improvement.

In accordance with the expectations and requirements of our customers, we continuously improve our processes by using the feedbacks received particularly from our customers and employees, as well as from all of our stakeholders and by providing all necessary resources to improve our products and services.