Over 30 Country, Over 70 Certificates

Design Organisation Certificates – (DOA)

1-Turkish DGCA SHY-21 Design Organisation Approval Certificate (TR.21J.001)
2-Turkish DGCA SHY-21 Design Organisation Handbook (DOH) Approval Certificate
3-European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Part21 Certificate
4- Part 21J Certificate Terms of Approval (Issue 8)

Maintenance Organisation Authority Approval Certificates

**Authority / Customer Authorisation Certificate List
*Civil Aviation Authorities Detailed Scope of Work
1 Turkish DGCA SHY-145 Approval Certificate (TR.145.001)
2 EASA Part145 Certificate (EASA.145.0276)
3 FAA Air Agency Certificate (TQKY144F)
4 FAA Engine Test Cell Approval Letter
5 NDT Training Organisation Approval Certificate (TR.NDT.001)
Albenia CAA Certificate
Azerbaijan CAA Certificate
Bagladesh CAA Approval Certificate
Bermuda Certificate
CAD of Republic of SERBIA
Cayman Islands CAA Certificate
DOT Certificate
ECAA Certificate of Approval Certificate
India DGCA Certificate
Indonesian CAA Approval Certificate
Isle of Man CAA Notice
Israel CAA Notice
Jordan CAA Certificate
Kazakhstan Certificate
Kazakhstan Certificate
Kingdom of Bahrain BCAA Certificate
Korean CAA Certificate
Labanese Approval Certificate
Libya Certificate
Moldova CAA Letter Statement
Mongolian CAA Approval Certificate
OMAN CAA Maintenance Organisation Approval Certificate
Pakistan CAA Approval - base maintenance & line maintenance
Qatar CAA Certificate
San Marino CAA’s Acceptance of EASA
Saudi GACA Approval Certificate – ISL
Saudi GACAApproval Certificate SAW
Singapore CAA ( CAAS ) Approval Certificate
State of Guernsey (Channel Islands) CAA Certificate
State of Kuwait DGCA Certificate
Tajikistan CAA Certificate
Turkmenistan CAA Approval Certificate
UAE GCAA Certificate
UK CAA Approval Certificate
Ukranie SAAU Certificate
Uzbekistan CAA The Certificate of Acceptance

Maintenance Training Organisation Certificates (MTO)

Aviation Safety Training Organisation Certificate
EASA_PART 147_Maintenance Training Organization Approval Certificate (EASA.147.0046)_Rev. 16_14.12.2023
LIBYA_LCAA_PART 147_Maintenance Training Organization Approval Certificate (LY.147.015)_20.05.2023
SHGM_SHY 147_Maintenance Training Organization Approval Certificate (TR.147.0002)_Rev.07_14.01.2022

Production Organization Certificates (POA)

1-Turkish DGCA SHY-21 Production Organisation Approval Certificate (TR.21G.001)
2-EASA Part 21G Production Organization Approval Certificate (EASA.21G.0043)

Quality System Certificates

AS9100 Quality Management Systems
AS9110 Quality Management Systems
FAA AC 00-56B Certificate
ISO 10002 Certificate
ISO 14001;2015 Enviromental Management System Certificate
ISO 17025 Akreditasyon Sertifikasi (ENG)
ISO 17025 Akreditasyon Sertifikasi (TUR)
ISO 27001
ISO 27001
ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate
ISO 9001:2015