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Technical Assistance and Consultancy

New/Used Aircraft Phase-In and Redelivery
Consultancy services are provided for  designation of Aircraft, Engine, APU or Component (SFE-Seller Furnished Equipment/SPE-Seller Purchased Equipment/BFE-Buyer Furnished Equipment) technical characteristics. Technical Specification preparation for  Aircraft, Engine, APU or Components are accomplished to the technical specifications and selection studies prepared by the customer or TURKISH TECHNIC.
Major Modification Embodiement Consultancy Services
Technical support is provided to persons working on Aircraft/Engine/Component in the application of major modifications related to STCs (Supplemental Type Certificate)  or SBs (Service Bulletin). Work flow planning is done, implementation steps monitored and arising problems are solved immediately.
Authority Operation Approvals Consultancy Services
Technical support services are given to obtain required approval from authorities to perform operations such as MNPS (Minimum Navigation Performance Specification), RNP (Required Navigation Performance), RNAV (Area Navigation), RVSM (Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum), ETOPS (Extended Range Twin Operations) and LVO (Low Visibility Operations).

This support includes all the steps to obtain approval from authority.
Determining, Following and Analyzing of Problems Which are Found in Operations and Maintenance Activities Performed by Customer