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Reliability Service

For the customers which Reliability Service is given by the agreements, Reliability Control Program (RCP) is prepared, revised, and according to the method described in the RCP reliability of aircraft, component and systems in the customer fleet is monitored, required corrective actions are perfomed and periodic reliability reports are issued and sent to the customer. 

With the effective implementation of RCP, components, systems, and aircraft operated by customer  is kept within acceptable levels of airworthiness, reliability and economics and following improvements are possible;

  • Decreasing the unscheduled disassembly and maintenance
  • Decreasing the unexpected failures
  • Cancelling the unnecessary maintenance
  • Adjustment of scheduled maintenance intervals
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of applicable maintenance program
  • Decreasing the maintenance costs.
  • Increasing the safety
  • Determining the units that required corrective action or that is under the desired performance standards.
  • Prediction of possible failures etc.
  • Minimizing the In Flight Shutdown (IFSD) by exploring the engine performance.
  • Adjustment of component maintenance intervals