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TURKISH TECHNIC , within its wide capability scope, offers pneumatic component maintenance services to its customers.

The Pneumatic Workshop utilizes its hot air supply facility, generating 750 ºF (400 ºC) and 300psi (20 Bar) for pneumatic component tests.

Test, repair and overhaul of the components under Chapter 21 and 36, such as Air Cycle Machine, Flow Control Valve, Trim Air Valve, Bleed Valve, Precooler Valve are performed in-house along with components such as Engine Starter, Starter Valve, Air Chiller and Center Drive Unit.

ATA Chapter   Main Capabilities 
21 Air Cycle Machine, Flow Control Valve, Safety Valve, Turbofan Fan, Check Valve, Trim Air Valve, Isolation Valve
25 Airchiller
28 Over Pressure Valve, Pressure Switch, Over Pressure Protector
29 Pressure Reducing Valve, Air Pressure Unit
30 Thermal Anti Ice Valve, Wing Anti Ice Valve, Engine Anti Ice Valve
36 High Stage Valve, Precooler Control Valve, Precooler Control Valve Sensor, Pressure Regulator & Shutoff Valve, Bleed Air Regulator,High Stage Regulator, Thermostat Selenoid, Isolation Valve, Fan Air Valve, Over Pressure Valve, HP Bleed Valve
38 Toilet Assembly, Rinse Valve, Flush Valve, Drain Valve, Air Compressor
78 Center Drive Unit (CDU)
80 Engine Starter, Starter Valve


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