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Maintenance Management Services

Technical Publication Assessment
The manufacturer’s publications and their revisions, such as Service Bulletins, Service Letters, etc., that recommend inspections and modifications, and the Airworthiness Authority’s Directives, which are issued to keep the aircraft, engines, components in airworthy condition, are supplied in digital or hard copy format.

These documents are evaluated by specialist engineers and necessary Engineering Orders and other internal publications are issued to ensure processing on time. This evaluation is done in the aspects of  safety and reliability and cost.

In addition, all the other documents and their revisions of the aircrafts, engines, propellers and components in Turkish Technic Capability List are supplied, and digital documentation is managed through the intranet.
Maintenance Program Preparation
Preparation/Update of Maintenance Program according to the Manufacturer Maintenance Planning Document (MPD).

Maintenance Programs are prepared for aircraft for which maintenance responsibility have been taken, considering the Manufacturer Maintenance Planning Document (MPD) as a source. During preparation of Maintenance Programs, documents such as MRBD, CMR, ALI, FAL that are approved by the CAA and issued by the Aircraft Manufacturer are also used as a source. The periodic Job Cards that are prepared according to AD/CN, SB, SIL and airline’s experience in aircraft maintenance are also included in the Maintenance Program.

During development of the  Maintenance Program, maintenance check type and interval values are determined taking into account the reference intervals in the MPD, operational requirements of the airline and the utilization values of aircraft, along with maintenance optimization to minimize maintenance costs.
Job Card Preparation
For The Customer Aircraft;
Job Cards that are based on MPD (MPD Job Cards). These Job Cards are prepared by using AMM and Task Cards in PDF or SGML format that are taken from aircraft manufacturer. The Job Cards are printed automatically by using a work order number for a maintenance package.

Job Cards that are not based on MPD (non-MPD Job Cards). Various job cards that are not mentioned by the aircraft manufacturer are issued, in order to increase the reliability for  components, structural, electrical and electronic hardware of aircraft, to decrease problems faced frequently, and to hold aircraft interior quality high. This ensures scheduled maintenance more effective. Engineering department follow up on  any likely problems help decrease servicing costs. By using technical information collected from these Job Cards, preventive action is taken for any likely problems before the occur.

The material and tools that are required for the prepared Job Cards are determined and are obtained before maintenance.

The references (MRBD, MPD, AMM, SB, SIL, Task Cards, etc) of the Job Cards are followed and revised continuously.