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Engine/APU&Component Services

Evaluation of Engine /APU Performance Parameters
In order to monitor engine performance, basic flight parameters are recorded by an ACMS (Aircraft Condition Monitoring System) during all flight phases. These parameters are transferred to computers after each flight for Airplanes equipped with ACARS systems, or within a certain periods via portable cards. After processing the engine parameters by means of sophisticated condition monitoring programs, engine performance trend reports are analyzed and evaluated by qualified powerplant engineers using their engine system knowledge, experience and manufacturer’s recommendations.

And based on this evaluation, engine performance losses, engine  potential failures and high-cost damages are identified beforehand, and the necessary corrective actions are taken. Thanks to this information, flight safety, reliability and maintenance costs of engine and engine related systems which are one of the most critical systems for flight and the most expensive systems in terms of maintenance costs, are kept consistently under control. By means of taking the necessary corrective actions,  potential problems can be avoided before they actually appear.

In order to monitor APU performances, collected APU operating parameters are analyzed and evaluated by qualified powerplant engineers using their engine system knowledge, experiences and manufacturer’s recommendations.  According to such evaluations, APU performance losses, potential failures and high-cost damages are identified beforehand, and the necessary corrective actions are taken. Due  to such evaluation,  flight safety and reliability are maintained, and APU maintenance costs are kept consistently under control.
Selection of Engines/APUs&Components
One of the most expensive and difficult decisions taken during new aircraft selection is to determine the suitable Engine/APU/Component type. TURKISH TECHNIC Engineering Department  provides technical consultation services for the selection of the most suitable Engine/APU/Component type according to the customer’s operation, fleet structure and financial resources.

In the making of such a selection, the customer shall have a substantial advantage to work with TURKISH TECHNIC, having the flight operation experience in a large fleet scale and keeping in-house repair and overhaul capability for different kinds of Engines/APUs/Components.
Technical Management of Engines/APUs/Components in the Customer Fleets
The technical management service for Engines/APUs/Components in customer fleets is provided by qualified engineers taking into account the criteria of safety, reliability, performance and cost of Engine/APUs/Components installed on customer airplanes.

A prompt and effective troubleshooting service with an active support of experienced engineers for technical problems faced during operations, results in facilitating the operators’ work in the aviation sector, where dispatch and total reliability concepts are essential for competition in the marketplace.

In the event that repair & overhaul services to your engines are provided by an MRO other than TURKISH TECHNIC, the necessary technical support and coordination services are still available. Consequently, an effective shop visit term and optimization of costs are maintained.

If the maintenance agreement is on a power by the hour basis, all of the necessary repair, maintenance, overhaul and modifications are performed in the scope of the agreement with no additional charge to the customer. All necessary technical support is provided to maximize on-wing retention of the engine together with reliable and trouble-free operation. Therefore, customer’s Engine/APU/Component maintenance costs are kept under control and maintenance costs prediction is achieved.
Preperation of Workscope
For each engine or APU removed from the aircraft on a scheduled or unscheduled basis, a detailed workscope, which includes all necessary maintenance actions to be taken along with repairs and inspections to be performed during the shop visit, is prepared for the relevant modules and components, taking into account its maintenance history and configurations to meet customer expectations.

The workscope is prepared by qualified power plant engineers with experience, aiming to maximize  the Engine/APU’s flight life-span, improving reliability, and optimization of maintenance costs. Necessary modifications are also performed on Engines/APUs and their components in accordance with shop visit workscopes prepared in line with the operational requirements of the customer, lease agreement conditions for the relevant aircraft or engine and customer expectations.

Consequently, a higher Engine/APU flight life-span and an improved reliability are maintained, and engine maintenance cost per flight hour is decreased.