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Aircraft Avionics Services

Read-Out and Evaluation of Recorded Parameters of Flight Data Recorders
Most of the Flight Data Recorders installed on the aircraft that included in the Turkish capability list, can be downloaded and the flight data, recorded during flight can be listed and analyzed on request.

By this service, it is checked if the parameters are recorded correctly and as part of the planned maintenance if the mandatory parameters are within the specified limits. At the end of this service, a check and verification result report is given to the customer.

In addition to this services, event investigation and evaluation studies are realized which can also be named as data analyzing service. Because of the nature of the work, secrecy is essential during all these processes.

EGPWC Terrain Database Loading & Flight History Downloading
Terrain database loading to most of the EGPWC/T2CAS sytems installed on the aircraft that included in the Turkish capability list can be performed.By this service, Terrain Database is downloaded from the vendor web site, transferred to PCMCIA card and loaded to the A/C.

For the EGPWC warnings, which are likely to be wrong, flight history can be downloaded. In this service, by the help of the software, obtained from vendor, flight history can be downloaded to PCMCIA card.

SATCOM ORT Preparation and Loading
Preparation of Honeywell MCS6000/MCS7000/MCS7200 and  Rockwell Collins SRT2000/2100 SATCOM ORT S/W and loading to aircraft can be performed.
ACMS Database Update
Engine/APU Performance/Hard Landing-Overweight Landing/ECS–ACMS Report contents can be updated per customer requets and  related ACMS database can be prepared for the requested reports to be forwarded to ACARS/Printer.
AWOPS/LVO Low Visibility Operation Technical Support
Technical studies are performed in order to determine an aircraft’s capability to Aircraft Manufacturer Approved AWOPS/LVO Low visibility operation category (CAT II, CAT IIIA, CAT IIIB).

The related category required equipments and specifications  are determined for the DGCA approval application process and related complying MEL items are prepared.